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Lyric Financial helps artists get the money they need now via royalty advances. Purchase new gear, promote your music, start more projects, or pay your bills and your team. With Lyric Financial, it's now possible for you to maintain your rights and creative control while taking an advance.

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Royalty Advances

Efficient. Simple. Reliable.

Our royalty advances were developed specifically for artists, songwriters, composers and producers who earned at least $10,000 USD in the last 24 months from royalties, streaming revenue, or sales of their music.


  • Money is sent to your account usually within 48 hours of approval from your royalty provider.

  • Advance up to 3 years of earnings.

  • No personal guarantees.

  • You maintain ownership rights.

The Virtual ATM

Easy. Quick. Safe.

SNAP, the virtual ATM, allows users to initiate an advance 24/7, from anywhere in the world, from any device. A true cash management tool, SNAP allows you to be in control of your finances. 

Lyric Financial has partnered with TuneCore to bring SNAP to clients. More partners will be announced soon – Stay tuned!


  • Cheaper than a credit card – Only a low, one-time fee.

  • No stress payback – Payoff through your SonyATV or TuneCore earnings.

  • Get your money quickly – You can get paid in as little as 24 hours after the advance is approved.

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