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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Lyric Financial?

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Lyric Financial was founded 15+ years ago with the mission to provide financing to support the growth and development of the global music community. Since then, we have delivered over 35,000 advances around the globe, exceeding $100 Million in total.

What are Music Royalty Advances?

Music Royalty Advances in simple terms mean getting your royalties faster than the time it takes your traditional royalty provider to deliver.

What can I use Music Royalty Advances for?

Promote your next release, produce a music video or finance your tour. We are here to help make your dreams and goals a reality.


How are Music Royalty Advances different from traditional advances?

Unlike traditional advances, with us you keep all your rights, stay in creative control, and decide how to spend your money.

Will I keep my copyright ownership?

Yes, you keep 100% of your copyright ownership.

Do you advance Songwriters and Producers too?
Yes! Songwriters and Producers deserve funding just as much as Artists.


Which types of royalties can my advance be based on?
We can provide advances based on streaming royalties, publishing and PRO royalties, Neighboring Rights, and more!

How do I qualify for Music Royalty Advances?
If you've earned at least 10k ($/£/€) in the last 24 months from max two royalty sources with 3+ years of earnings history, you'll qualify for Music Royalty Advances.

How much money can you give me?
Currently up to 3 years' worth of your earnings!

How quickly can I get paid?
We send the money directly to your account usually within 48 hours of approval from your royalty provider.

How do you decide my Music Royalty Advances amount?
We craft our projections by analyzing your royalty statements, earnings history, and earnings trends.


Can I get pass-through royalties or do I have to give 100% of my royalties during the recoupment period?
We can customize your Music Royalty Advances in multiple ways including only recouping a certain percentage of royalties each month although this may make the accelerated royalties smaller.

Can I stay with my distributor?
Yes indeed! You can stay with your distributor.


What if I don't recoup my advance within the deal term?
If the advance isn't fully recouped within the deal term, it will extend automatically until fully recouped, at which point you retain 100% of your royalties. You are never personally liable to repay unrecouped balances - we shoulder that risk.


What if I recoup my advance early?
Unlike some of our competitors, if you recoup early, you retain 100% of your royalties without any penalty, we are artist-first and artist-friendly. 


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